Cleaning Supplies

Evans cyclone thick bleach 2x5ltr
Evans bleach 2x5ltr
Evans clear glass and stainless steel cleaner 1x750ml
Evans cream cleanser lemon 1x500ml
Evans pine disinfectant 2x5ltr
Evans everfresh toilet cleaner 1x4L (various fragrances available)
Evans sink and drain cleaner 1x4L
Black heavyweight dishwash gauntlet gloves 1xpair
Small/medium/large latex gloves 1×100
Small/medium/large 1×100
(Powder free also available)
Black sacks in a cube box 737x965mm 1×75
Black sacks 863x965mm heavy duty 15kg 1×200
Economy pedal bin liners 11x18x18” 1×500
Economy swing bin liners 13x23x30” 1×500
12/16oz Kentucky mopheads
No 12/16 perfect yarn mopheads 1×1 (various colours available)
Soft broomhead 30 and 45cm 1×1
Handle for socket mop and broomhead 1×1
Dustpan and brush set 1×1 set (Various colours available)
12ltr plastic mop bucket 1x bucket (various colours available)
15ltr galvanised mop bucket 1x bucket
Blue all purpose non woven wipes 42x38cm 1×50
Lavette super 51x36cm blue cloth 1×25
Blue poly aprons on a roll 27×42” 5×200

Kitchen Supplies

Heavy duty galvanised steel scourer 1×10
Industrial contract green scourer 1×10
Quality scouring sponges 6×4” 1×10
Stockinette dish cloths 30x35cm 1×10
Catering quality teatowels 47x71cm 1×10
Cling film cutter box 300mmx300m 1 of
Cling film cutter box 450mmx300m 1 of
Foil roll 300mmx90m 1 of
Foil roll 450mmx90m 1 of
Baking parchment 450mmx75m 1 of
Evans kind washing up liquid 2x5ltr
Evans multi automatic dish wash liquid 2x5ltr
Evans auto dishwash rinse aid 2x5ltr
Evans glasswash 2x5ltr
Evans pine or lemon gel floor cleaner 2x5ltr
2 ply embossed kitchen roll 60sht white 1×24
2 ply embossed centrefeed 120m 1×6 roll
2 ply centrefeed 175mmx150m
Katrin white zigzag 2 ply towel 23x23cm 1×3150

Toilet Supplies

2 ply 320 sheet toilet roll 1×36
Katrin plus 3 ply toilet roll 143 sheet 1×42
White plastic twin toilet roll dispenser 1 of
Plastic toilet brush holder white 1 of
Evans 1066 deodorant toilet blocks 1x3kg
Evans toilet cleaner (Various fragrances) 6x1ltr
Evans pearl hand and body soap 2x5ltr
Evans fresh aerosol (Various fragrances available) 12x400ml
Evans glass and mirror cleaner 6x750ml

and much much more….

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