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Bio Degradables

  • Bio degradable plastic teaspoons
  • Bio degradable plastic dessert spoons
  • Bio degradable plastic fork 
  • Bio degradable knives
  • 2 ply 33cm recycled kraft napkins
  • J cloth 3000 compostable 43x32cm
  • Compostable baguette bag
  • 8oz compostable double walled kraft cup
  • 12oz compostable double walled kraft cup
  • 16oz compostable double walled kraft cup
  • 8oz compostable domed sip through lid
  • 12/16oz compostable domed sip through lid
  • Na pac large burger boxes 135x135x78mm
  • Na pac large food boxes 235x140x67mm
  • Na pac medium food boxes 185x140x70mm
  • Degradable vest carrier 11x17x21

Disposable Coffee Cups

  • Triple walled ripple kraft cups 8,12,16oz
  • Triple walled ripple culture black cups 8, 12, 160z
  • Paper barrier cups Milano design 8/9oz
  • Paper barrier cups Milano design 12oz
  • Paper barrier cups Milano design 16oz
  • White EPS cups 8/10/12oz (White vented lids available)
  • Fibre 2-cup drinks carrier 
  • Fibre 4-cup drinks carrier 


(White and black sip through lids available)


  • 2 Ply 30cm white soft napkins 
  • 1 Ply 32cm white hard napkins 
  • 2 Ply 24cm black cocktail napkins
  • 2 Ply 33cm white napkins 
  • 2 Ply 33cm white 8 fold’ napkins
  • 2 Ply 40cm white napkins 


(Various colours and styles also available)

Hot and Cold Drink Accessories

  • Wooden coffee stirrers
  • Plastic tea stirrers
  • Economy plastic teaspoons
  • Flexi jumbo black straws
  • Flexi striped straws
  • Super jumbo clear smoothie straws

Takeaway Supplies

  • Eps chippy tray 163x127x32mm
  • Eps small chip tray 178x102x25mm
  • Eps medium chip tray 178x133x38mm
  • Eps large chip tray 222x133x38mm
  • Eps large hotpac white or champagne 241x145x66mm
  • Eps oval hotpac champagne 158x115xx85mm
  • Eps small burger hotpac
  • Eps large burger hotpac
  • 7” e flute design pizza box
  • 9/12” brown gondala design pizza box
  • 14/16” brown gondola design pizza box
  • Children’s carry boxes (various designs)
  • Wooden chip forks
  • Birchwood forks

  • Birchwood knives

  • Birchwood spoons

  • Birchwood extra large knives

  • Birchwood teaspoons

  • Economy plastic teaspoons white

  • Economy plastic forks

  • Economy plastic knives

  • Economy paper plates 15/18/22
  • 8.5x8.5” white sulphite bags
  • 10x10” white sulphite bags
  • 12x12” white sulphite bags
  • 4x6x14” white sulphite bags
  • 8.5x8.5” grease resistant bags
  • 10x10” grease resistant bags
  • 4x6x14” grease resistant bags
  • 8.5x8.5” brown kraft bags
  • 10x10” brown kraft bags
  • 12x12” brown kraft bags (film front bags available)
  • HD vest carriers 9mu 10x15x18”
  • HD vest carries striped 9mu
  • Small brown sos carriers 7x10x8.5"
  • Medium brown sos carrier 8x13x10"
  • Large brown sos carriers 10x15x12”


(White sos bags also available)


and much much more....

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